Get your HTML5 prescription filled at @media

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I’m sure you can’t believe it, but there’s a chance for you to meet a real life HTML5 Doctor and ask them just about anything you want. Make it about HTML5, make it about related technologies/NEWT, it can even be about CSS3 – we won’t bite. It could even just be a general question like “how does Bruce Lawson get all the girls just using the new HTML5 elements?”

Return of the HTML5 clinic

We’re proud to tell you that (most of) the HTML5 Doctors will be attending @media 2011 and taking your questions. We’ve got our own desk (like last year) and we’ll be available between the conference talks. That way you can fill your head with lots of juicy information, and then trundle your way over to the handsome guys in the white jackets and ask your best HTML5 question (for which there will be a reward!).

† Actually, we’re feeling kind, so anyone that asks a question, flashes us a kind smile or buys us a pint will get an exclusive little gift from your friendly doctor.


If you’re wondering what @media is, you’ve either been hiding under a rock or you’re new to the business. None the less, we’re more than glad to tell you about it.

Founded in 2005, @media is recognised as one of the world’s leading conferences for web professionals. They pride themselves on keeping up to date on the latest moves in the design and development world. That means HTML5 has a big presence in their program of hand-picked world-leading experts.

Just some of the subjects that folks are speaking about during the two day conference:

Our special discount code

For those of you that don’t have a ticket to this excellent conference already, you might be thinking you’ve missed the early bird prices – fret not my dear friend, we have your back! We’ve managed to procure you a special discount code that will get you £100 off the current asking price. Just use the code HTML5DOCTOR and it’ll knock the price down for you: book it now.

If you’re coming along, drop us a comment below and we’ll see you there!

- Rich, Remy, Mike, Bruce & Jack, xxx

2 Responses on the article “Get your HTML5 prescription filled at @media”

  • Speaking of Web Directions, while I can’t make @Media I’ll be leaving my Japanese island volcano lair and attending Web Directions Unplugged on May 12-13th. Come chat at the Mobilista booth beside the chill-out lounge, and if you know the secret HTML5 Doctor handshake (or even if you don’t) I’ll give you a goodie from Japan.

    Hope to see you there!

  • Jeanine says:

    Help! Drag and drop is not working for me. What I want to do is re-position img elements, not drop into a bin. I’m trying to use mouse coordinates to do the re-positioning and it never works exactly and sometimes the coordinates are a mystery AND nothing works in Chrome.

    Notice I’m dragging and dropping all within the body.
    All help very much appreciated.

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