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Got an itch? A problem that’s slowing you down? Need someone to answer your question? If email just doesn’t quite patch you up, you should stop by the HTML5 Doctor IRC channel.

Originally set up by Remy, the IRC channel is there for brief questions about all things HTML5. If one of the HTML5 Doctors is around, we can try to help you, or if you don’t have a question, you’re more than welcome to idle and talk with the H5D community.

For those who don’t know what IRC is, it’s a protocol for chat that’s been around almost as long as I have! No matter what OS you use, you should be able to find an IRC client to get connected. There are even web-based services like Freenode’s own web IRC and IRC Cloud, so you can jump on no matter where you are with nothing to install. The Mibbit wiki has an IRC tutorial to help get you using IRC, and Freenode hosts a guide to using the network.

When you’re ready, the channel can be found at #html5doctor on Freenode ( Once you’re connected and you’ve joined the channel, say hi and see who’s around. If no one is there, stick around, and maybe check out other channels on Freenode such as the WHATWG channel, #whatwg.

The only thing to keep in mind is that we HTML5 Doctors do this voluntarily with jobs and lives to run. We can’t be there 24/7. When we are available to answer questions, we’ll try to address whomever we can, and maybe another idling patient will be able to lend a hand.

For more extensive problems, or if you also don’t have time to hang around on IRC, check our article archive or drop us an email through Ask the HTML5 Doctor if you can’t find your answer there.

Drop on by, hang out, and feel free to talk all about HTML5 and the wonderful web.

And please, no medical questions!

2 Responses on the article “HTML5 Doctor Drop-In Clinic”

  • fjpoblam says:

    Just dropped in to say Hi as you requested on Twitter. I’m watching, listening, reading, and very occasionally asking. Our styles differ, but that’s okay. Live and let live.

  • Joe says:

    Having trouble measuring the text height of a paragraph drawn in canvas. When I use a pseudo container that mimics the text, there are some corner cases where it fails to be an exact copy. So I’m trying to find a way to measure what is literally being drawn on the canvas in a creative way.

    Is what I have so far, but that is only using the pseudo container method.

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