Latest News: An awards win and DuckDuckGo plugin

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Some of our regular readers may remember that last year we won the “Blog of the Year” award at the critters. Well, astonishingly in the face of stiff competition from none other than A List Apart and we’ve managed to win another critter, this time in the “Web Open To All” category.

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Thanks to everyone who voted and to the judges for their votes. We feel really chuffed to have won, with such a small team of guys, writing and maintaining the site alongside our day jobs.

Unfortunately none of us could make it to the awards, which is a shame because the white coats haven’t had an outing for a while. Rest assured though, we’re committed to continuing to create some great content for you guys and have a few other things up our sleeves. In addition, if you have anything that you’d like to see covered or ideas for site developments let us know by commenting or send a mail.

DuckDuckGo Plugin

Before I continue, for those of you that haven’t tried the excellent DuckDuckGo as an alternative to Google, I suggest you check it out.

We were approached a couple of weeks ago by Lucas Sampaio who explain how he was creating a plugin to print HTML5 snippets in DuckDuckGo searches and he wanted to use some of our data. The result is that if you search for a string such as “html details” on DuckDuckGo, you will get a rich snippet at the top of the search results with content from our site as shown in Figure 1.

Screenshot from DuckDuckGo search
Figure 1. Screenshot from DuckDuckGo search for “html details”

The snippet isn’t currently configured for all elements or variations on search phrases but we hope to see it extended in the future. Thanks to Lucas and the DuckDuckGo team for creating it.

Write for us

One last thing that we don’t often shout about is that we’re always on the lookout for locum doctors for the site. If you’ve got something valuable to say about HTML5 and want to write about it, then drop us a line with an article proposal. We’ll consider it and get back to you.

Before you submit your proposal though, be sure to check the article archive to make sure we haven’t covered it in the past.

In the interests of transparency, we don’t pay for writing articles (we don’t pay ourselves either, so you’re not getting a raw deal there) but you will get great exposure for your article.

That’s all for now. Normal service will be resumed in the next couple of weeks.

One Response on the article “Latest News: An awards win and DuckDuckGo plugin”

  • Keith says:

    Two things… [1] Thanks for the pointer towards duckduckgo. It is very clean and tidy isn’t it. What’s the expectation of a competitor to the big one? Will it remain a secret for the cognoscenti, or will it go massive – or somewhere inbetween? Now we have to learn how to get into their listings all over…
    [2] Secondly, in your site, I searched for “psychotherapist” and got this article. There’s no mention of psychotherapists here: Was it the words “doctor” in your final piece asking about locums, that alerted the search. Is a clever machine (another clever machine) putting the two together>
    I guess with your site having doctor in the title, you must get a lot of misplaced traffic – or not?

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