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The world’s best-selling magazine for web builders, .net (or “Practical Web Design” outside the UK) has opened voting for its annual .net Awards – a celebration of the very best in web design and development. We’re proud to announce that not only has HTML5 Doctor been nominated in the blog of the year category but Messrs. Lawson & Sharp have also been nominated in the standards champion category.

The .net Awards

.net awards logo 2010 Held annually since 1998, the long-running .net Awards mix public opinion with those of a leading panel of 100 industry experts, including the likes of Jeffrey Zeldman, Paul Boag and Molly Holzschlag, who deliberate on the final shortlist. (Disclosure: I am a judge for this years awards, but will abstain from voting in the two categories that HTML5 Doctor is represented.)

Winners of the prestigious .net Awards 2010 are announced on Thursday, 18th November at a special event in London.

Your vote counts

Without wanting to go all Obama on you, your vote counts. To see all the categories and nominees please visit the site and vote. If that vote happens to be for HTML5 Doctor as blog of the year or HTML5 surgeons Bruce or Remy as your standards champion then we’d all be super-grateful (and one of Remy’s side projects Snap Bird, for searching twitter better, is up for best API use too).

For us to be nominated alongside some well established, fantastically popular blogs is a great achievement and one that we’re really proud of. Especially when you consider we’ve only been going for a little over a year. Anything more would be a bonus and being nominated has really invigorated us to kick on and keep producing compelling content for you guys.

For more information and the chance to vote, visit the .net awards site.

3 Responses on the article “.net Awards Nomination”

  • Aww, looks like you didn’t win. :(

    Smashing Magazine is a nice resource, but I prefer the focus and depth of your site. When I think Smashing, I think aggregator, but I guess I can see how they’d receive more votes, given they probably have a wider, more eclectic audience.

    Was the HTML5 Doctor ever nominated again? Have any of you won since 2010?

  • Hey Jeffrey,

    No we didn’t win :(

    I don’t think we have been nominated again, though their categories have changed a bit since then.

    We’ve won a couple of Ubelly’s Critters awards. First was best blog I think, can’t remember what the other was for.


  • Congrats on the Critters awards! I ended up reading those posts after commenting here. :(

    Regarding the .net awards, I have to say I’m disappointed with their site: http://www.thenetawards.com. Why aren’t the previous years archived à la 24 ways?

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