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Resources to help you get up to speed and produce great HTML5.

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A comprehensive list of all our articles to cure all your HTML5 ills.

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HTML5 Element Index

A complete index of HTML5 elements, each with a short description, code snippet and and often a link to an article with our prognosis.

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HTML5 Sectioning Element Flowchart

An easy-to-understand HTML5 sectioning element flowchart to help you get to grips with some of the new elements in HTML5.

HTML5 Sectioning Flowchart by HTML5 Doctor

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Dive into HTML5

Sadly, Mark Pilgrim has stopped maintaining this project. Along with other members of the web community we at HTML5 Doctor want to see it continue. We’re hosting a copy at, and plan to help keep it up-to-date.

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HTML5 Doctor on GitHub

We’ve set up a GitHub profile to share code and invite you to work with us on HTML5 related projects. You can already help contribute to our Dive into HTML5 mirror by forking our GitHub project, with more to follow!

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Recommended HTML5 Books

We review books from time to time, but sometimes it takes us a while to get around to writing the review. We do however, have a few HTML5 books that we recommend.