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Latest News: An awards win and DuckDuckGo plugin

Some of our regular readers may remember that last year we won the “Blog of the Year” award at the critters. Well, astonishingly in the face of stiff competition from none other than A List Apart and we’ve managed to win another critter, this time in the “Web Open To All” category. Thanks to […]

HTML5 Doctor Drop-In Clinic

Got an itch? A problem that’s slowing you down? Need someone to answer your question? If email just doesn’t quite patch you up, you should stop by the HTML5 Doctor IRC channel.

Dive into HTML5… on HTML5 Doctor

We were surprised and saddened when Mark Pilgrim decided to retire from the internet and take his writing, including “Dive into HTML5” with him. However the interwebs have your back. We’re adding a mirror of the book here to add to the growing list, and plan to help keep it updated. So long Mark, and thanks for all the <>!

HTML5: briefing notes for journalists and analysts

Your friendly neighbourhood doctors are often contacted by journalists and analysts who have questions about HTML5, usually from a consumer of business perspective. This is great, as we spend many more hours every week mutely shaking our heads while reading the ill-informed columns from journalists or analysts who haven’t contacted us.

Avoiding common HTML5 mistakes

Between curating sites for the HTML5 gallery and answering readers’ questions here at HTML5 Doctor, I see a host of HTML5 sites and their underlying markup. In this post, I’ll show you some of the mistakes and poor markup practices I often see and explain how to avoid them.

Injecting new life into the Doctor

Before we start it is imperative to point out that this redesign is still very much a work in progress and over the coming weeks and months we will be looking to progress it further with the introduction of; fluidity, responsiveness through media queries, the introduction of new features and tweaking/removing certain aspects once we have analysed how you are using it.

.net Awards Nomination

As you may or may not be aware, .net, the world’s best-selling magazine for web builders, has opened voting for its annual .net Awards – a celebration of the very best in web design and development. We’re proud to announce that not only has HTML5 Doctor been nominated in the blog of the year category but messers Lawson & Sharp have also been nominated in the standards champion category.

Happy 1st Birthday us

It’s our birthday and we’ll cry if we want to, or so the song goes. Today marks HTML5 Doctors first birthday so we thought we’d let you in on the celebrations. This brief post takes us through a little recap of what we’ve done, looks at what’s to come and we’ve even got a little birthday treat for you all – the HTML5 equivalent of bringing doughnuts to work.