The Doctors win a Critter award

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Last Wednesday saw HTML5Doctor win a Critters award for best blog, courtesy of Ubelly.


Jeremy Keith snapped five doctors together at our booth at the Web Directions/ @media conference. Left to right you can see Mike Robinson, Jack Osborne, Rich Clark and Remy Sharp with Bruce in the foreground. Missing are Tom Leadbetter, Oli Studholme and Brandan Lennox.

5 doctors and an award

We also got a nice pic with two of the Ubelly team—back-end specialist Dr Andrew Spooner and Ms Alex Ball.

Thanks Ubelly! And, from Bruce, thanks to Opera for letting me sneak some doctoring in during work time.

5 doctors and two microsofties

If you have an award or large quantities of banknotes to give us, just get in touch.

14 Responses on the article “The Doctors win a Critter award”

  • My congratulations! Deserved win!

  • Congratulations on a well deserved first place.

    Keep up the great work.

  • Addy says:

    Congrats, guys! You definitely deserved it.

  • Yep, well deserved! Best HTML site ever.

  • Pablo Mendoza says:


  • Ollie says:

    Congrats :) keep it up!

  • Dale Cruse says:

    I’ve said before & I’ll say it again: The camera loves Bruce Lawson.

  • Caleb says:

    Way to go guys! You deserve it for all the hard work and effort you put into creating and sharing.


  • farhadina says:

    I Spend 2-3 hours in Element Index in day .
    Element index in most beautiful page about HTML5 !

  • Wish I could have made it. Go doctors! \o/

    @Dale — “The camera loves Bruce Lawson.” don’t we all! that’s coz there’s a lot to love :D

  • Well done. Well deserved. You’ve inspired me to push myself to learn more.

  • daus says:

    congrat doctor.. :) nice blog..

    by the way im from malaysia, nice to meet your blog

  • Terry Carbary says:


  • tc says:

    tring this out

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