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Your Questions #15

The clinic is busy as ever with more HTML5 ills. This week, we’ll cover marking up Wikipedia infoboxes, anchors in <hgroup>, <figure> for avatars, header(s), and how to use <code> and <pre>.

Your Questions Answered 9

The Doctor is in with another round of patient questions about HTML5. This week, we’ll cover offline viewing on requests, the drag-and-drop API, using href on any element, the <figure> element, and headings.

The figure & figcaption elements

In traditional printed material like books and magazines, an image, chart, or code example would be accompanied by a caption. Before now, we didn’t have a way of semantically marking up this sort of content directly in our HTML, instead resorting to CSS class names. HTML5 hopes to solve that problem by introducing the <figure> and <figcaption> elements. Let’s explore!