HTML5 Doctor is a collaboration among Rich Clark, Steve Faulkner, Bruce Lawson, Remy Sharp, Oli Studholme, and Ian Devlin.

The idea for the site came about following an HTML5 meetup after 2009’s Future of Web Design conference in London. We realized there wasn’t a resource for people who wanted to learn more about the hows and whys of implementing HTML5, so we decided to build one!

We’d also like to offer a massive thank you to Brandan Lennox, who has been copy editing our posts for some time now. Brandan does a superb job of editing our articles and making them easy to read.

Doctors Emeritus

We thank the Doctors who have hung up their white coats:

Our Aims

We will publish articles relating to HTML5, its semantics, and how to use it right now. We also invite questions via Ask the Doctor. We’ll post answers in future articles so that everyone can benefit.

We acknowledge that we may sometimes get things wrong and that people may disagree with our interpretation of the HTML5 specification. But that’s another of the reasons that this site exists: the spec has yet to be formalised, and we can all do our bit to make it what we want. A “specification for the people” if you will.

Get involved

We invite you to freely comment, question, congratulate, argue, and suggest in the articles’ comments sections, and we’ll do our best to answer in a considered and reasoned manner. As we said above, the HTML5 specification has yet to be finalised, so we can all have a say, and we invite you to do so here on our site.

We hope you find HTML5 Doctor a useful resource. If you have any questions relating to HTML5 and how to implement it, just ask the doctor!